warped tour fashion
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Warped Tour offered fans a place to let loose and be themselves, making way for a plethora of fashion choices that we’d probably rather forget. From shutter shades to studded belts, chances are you were guilty of at least a few of these fashion trends.

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1. Glamour Kills

Clothing brand Glamour Kills dominated the scene in the mid-2000s in part due to its sponsorship of acts such as All Time Low, We The Kings and Boys Like Girls. It was certainly not hard to miss the flying pig logo and neon-fused graphic tees that sold like hot cakes until the brand shuttered its doors in 2017.

2. To Write Love On Her Arms logo tees


To Write Love On Her Arms has promoted mental health awareness for more than a decade in the scene and beyond. As a result, many supporters both onstage and off sported the nonprofit’s famous logo tee.

3. Studded belts

#VSfashionshow ?????? British Invasion

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If you were looking to keep your skinny jeans from sliding around in the pit, then a studded belt was truly the only option.

4. Keep A Breast merch

WTK Keep A Breast
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The Keep A Breast Foundation was one of many organizations on Warped Tour, but the breast cancer awareness group drew special attention due to their famous breast molds. Musicians would have a mold made of their chest for someone to paint and in turn auction off in support of the cause. The charity also raised awareness through their “I Love Boobies!” campaign emblazoned across tees and rubber bracelets, the latter of which sparked a U.S. Supreme Court case.

5. Skelanimals

These dead pets were endorsed by everyone from All Time Low to Juliet Simms, which made their presence heavy at places like Warped Tour.

6. Friendship bracelets


Mayday Parade frontman Derek Sanders is known for his cuff of friendship bracelets gifted to him by fans—a trend he began embracing a decade ago. While Sanders may be the most well-known bracelet sporter, he definitely wasn’t the only one rocking the look.

7. Neon anything

FTSK 2008
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8. Nikes

Cobra Starship 2008
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Especially if they were neon (see above).

9. Converse

Feelin’ festive. #ForeverChuck

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This classic shoe has been going strong for decades, and the punk-rock summer camp grounds were no exception.

10. Jac Vanek bracelets

Jac Vanek Warped
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Although Jac Vanek has since expanded her brand beyond rubber bracelets and into stores such as Zumiez, her witty phrases were once a Warped fashion staple.

11. Shutter shades

These shades did nothing in actually protecting our eyes from the sun, but man, did we think we looked cool.

12. Super-straight hair—sideswept bangs optional


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A scene staple for years, straightening your hair to a crisp seemed totally worth it until you got in the pit and realized it was definitely not going to stay that way for long.

13. The undercut


This look was so cool until it was time for you to try to grow it back out.