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Fiddlehead’s new album, Death Is Nothing To Us, is drawing closer, and today the post-hardcore outfit are offering another preview with the single “Sleepyhead.”

The frank new track is accompanied by a music video that stars a man dragging around his pillow as he’s consumed by a depressive state. Vocalist Pat Flynn also warns that “there’s no real great lyrical upside to this song.”

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“Ultimately, this is a song about tuning out and looking away from the brokenness in one’s life on earth in favor of quick comfort. It is kind of a conversation between two people or two minds. The so-called ‘Sleepyhead’ is a woeful person depressed by the way of the world who chooses to deal with the sadness of it all with excessive sleep.

“Somewhere in there, however, is a voice of reason that offers perspective, but to no avail, as the two voices come together in resignation to the weight of the hold that a thick ‘bout of deep depression’ can lay on someone. I see the song as essential to the arc of the record, which ultimately turned out to be a climb out of such a sad state. So, perhaps that’s the upside?” he continues.

See the video for “Sleepyhead” below.