Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl certainly got into the Christmas spirit this year. The former Nirvana drummer shotgunned a beer with Santa Claus at a recent show.

Grohl also talked about the Foo Fighters' upcoming anniversary and the ride it has been thus far.

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At the Intersect Festival on Dec. 7, the Foo Fighters were just working through their set as they have for 25 years. Grohl began discussing the new album and interacting with some fans in the crowd and read a sign asking if he would shotgun a beer with the fan.

Well, to Grohl's surprise, the fan was also dressed up like Santa Claus. We wish it was a full suit however, it was like one of those t-shirts you buy on vacation that looks like you're wearing a bathing suit underneath but Santa themed. Watch the fan-shot video below.

Upon arrival at the Foo Fighters' stage, Grohl jokes with the man about not getting down the chimney tonight. The pair shotgun the beers and share a hug. Grohl then uses the man's Santa hat to wipe his face and neck free of beer.

Before the beer-chugging festivities, Grohl talks about how Foo Fighters' will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next year.

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For all of you people who remember when the first record came out a long time ago' next year is our 25th anniversary. This was supposed to be one record. And then it was like, okay, let's do another record. And then it was like, okay, let's do another record. Every time we make a record, we like to think 'If this is the last one, that was one hell of a fucking ride that we just had.' I figured if you look at it that way, you keep on making records because you don't want the ride to fucking end. 

Foo Fighters then kicked into "Big Me" and closed the set with "Everlong". The band is expected to release a new album in 2020.

What do you think about Dave Grohl shotgunning a beer with a fan? Could you do it any faster? Sound off below.

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