Even more photos from that throwback Frank Iero shoot are being released

It looks like Throwback Thursday is officially making a comeback in the form of that infamous 2005 Frank Iero photo.

The photographer that took the fan-favorite photo of the My Chemical Romance guitarist recently shared it again. The image is still so popular after all these years that he now plans to release even more photos from the shoot.

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A lot of Iero throwbacks have been resurfacing over the past few weeks. Gallows drummer Lee Barratt recently rediscovered a demo from Iero’s hardcore punk band LeATHERMOUTH. He shared the discovery on Twitter which caused LeATHERMOUTH fans to erupt with excitement.

Earlier this week, Tim Hagevik shared a throwback video of Iero’s first band Pencey Prep. The video was so rare that Iero himself said he had never seen it before. Unfortunately, the video has no sound so we will never know what music might have been playing in the background. Nevertheless, the video’s editing is a true throwback to the Pencey Prep era and features some live footage of the band performing.


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Now, even more throwbacks from Iero’s past are getting shared on social media. Photographer Jeremy Saffer recently came across an old photo of the MCR guitarist and decided to share it with fans. The photo was taken during the 2005 Taste Of Chaos tour with MCR, A Static Lullaby, Killswitch Engage and more.

Iero can be seen rocking his iconic red Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge eyeshadow and hardly any tattoos. The photo was taken for Hardcore Ink Magazine.

“Crazy to see this 15 year old photo of Frank making its rounds the past two days. This was photographed for Hardcore Ink magazine (a music tattoo magazine) on the first Taste of Chaos in 2005. maybe later on ill post the full spread of tattoo-shots/frank shots.”

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Naturally, Iero fans are very excited about the throwback photo. While some are seeing it for the first time, others are revisiting it again after so many years.

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In fact, the photo is still so popular that Saffer plans to release even more photos from the 2005 shoot. The photographer is going to post the full shoot and behind-the-scenes photos on his Patreon next week.

lots of people hit me up interested in seeing the rest of this shoot, behind the scenes etc. – so next week ill post the full shoot, and behind the scenes of this shoot on patreon.com/jeremysaffer (also to clear up confusion, he wasnt 15 in this shoot, the shoot was 15 yrs ago)”

One tweet has pretty much summed up how Iero fans are feeling about the full photoshoot getting released.

While fans patiently wait for the throwback photos to arrive, Iero is celebrating the month of October in a big way. Iero was not only born on Oct. 31, but Halloween is also his favorite holiday. To celebrate the upcoming day, he has launched some new spooky-themed merch. The collection includes a long-sleeve shirt, tote bag and fingerless gloves.

Do you remember that old photo of Frank Iero? Do you want to see the other photos from the shoot? Let us know in the comments below.