[Photo credit: Bryce Hall (Falling In Reverse), Tyler Church (Underoath)]

When you’re a touring musician, you see a lot of bands live. We asked a bunch of bands (and one actor) who were their favorites to see time and time again. The answers might surprise you...

Brian Dales, the Summer Set

Springsteen. Easy. Well, maybe Jimmy Eat World. I'm a kid from Arizona. Or maybe Kanye West. I've seen him four or five times and on a production level, it's just next-level.

Alex Costello, ROAM

Wage War. As far as Warped Tour goes, they're the best band on there. I knew about them before, but they're so good.

Awsten Knight, Waterparks

See, I'm really into production, so seeing Taylor Swift was like [makes exploding sounds].

Tyler Posey, MTV’s Teen Wolf

Neck Deep and State Champs did their World Tour a while back: Me, my brother and a couple of our friends went to their show in Orange County at the Observatory. They brought me onstage and I got to sing a song with them, the last chorus of a song. That was probably, to this day, one of my favorite concerts. Also, [the] first Bayside concert I went to. Bayside have been something deep in my heart for a long time and Anthony [Raneri, vocals] is just one of the greatest guys I've ever met and he invited me out to a concert and I went and we were in this kind of VIP area and we were the only people moshing in that area 'cause everyone else was too VIP and too cool to mosh. [Laughs.]

Chrissy Costanza, Against The Current

This sounds very different, but Falling In Reverse. They put on an incredible live show. You are entertained from start to finish and just entranced. It doesn't matter if you like or hate the music, it doesn't matter if you like or hate the style, or whatever. You're just completely entranced with the show and to me, that's an important part of a good live band—that they can keep your attention.

Garret Rapp, The Color Morale

My favorite live band I've ever seen is the Chariot. Honest, but very unpredictable. You'd always see something new. There was never a show duplicated by them. Favorite band I've ever toured with, too.

Keaton Pierce, Too Close To Touch

This is hard… I see a lot of bands live. [Laughs.] As far as energy goes, I love watching Beartooth. My favorite band to see live is Underoath.

Daniel Wand, Capsize

I don't know if I have a favorite… but I can say one of the best bands I've seen live as far as how talented they are is Stick To Your Guns.They are the most consistent, on-point live band. They don't even slightly mess up. It's just so perfect at all times.