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You can't help but to love Funko's Pop! Vinyl figures because they're both A) wonderfully cute and super detailed and B) made for literally any popular culture phenomenon you can think of. You can even Pop! yourself! Below we've listed 16 of our favorites, but you can check out the entire collection here

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Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance

gerard way pop vinyl funko

[Photo by: Funko.com]

We all know you're still crying over MCR's breakup, so keep one of these on your shelf to make yourself feel better. 

Order 'Revenge' and 'Black Parade' here and 'Skeleton' here

Stranger Things 

stranger things pop vinyl

[Photo by: Funko.com]

With the recent release of Stranger Things 2, why wouldn't you want to collect all of your favorite characters?

You can buy them here

Bob Ross

bob ross pop vinyl funko

[Photo by: Funko.com]

Everyone's favorite artist is here to lend inspiration. 

You can buy it here

Harry Potter

Harry potter pop vinyl

[Photo by: Funko.com]

You're a wizard, Harry!

You can buy the Harry Potter figures here

Stephen King's It

it pennywise pop vinyl

[Photo by: Funko.com]

It was one of the highest grossing horror movies of all time. Keep this Pennywise figure next to your bed while you sleep, if you dare. 

Pre-order Pennywise here

Kurt Cobain

kurt cobain pop vinyl

[Photo by: Funko.com]

The Kurt Cobain Pop! Vinyl is one of the newest available. Be sure to look out for exclusive versions of the figure at Hot Topic and FYE

You can pre-order the Kurt Cobain "Teen Spirit" figure here

Game Of Thrones 

game of thrones pop vinyl

[Photo by: Funko.com]

Winter has come to Game Of Thrones. Make sure you collect all of your favorite characters before their likely demise. 

You can buy the figures here


Slash guns and roses funko

[Photo by: Funko.com]

Complete with a top hat and cigarette, we can't help but to love this detailed Slash figure. 

You can buy it here

Rick and Morty 

rick and morty pop vinyl

[Photo by: Funko.com]

"I'm Pickle Riiiiiiiick!"

You can buy the Rick and Morty figures here