As a band trying to pull in new fans, your bio can either make or break you. Some bands go for the more serious route, giving in-depth explanations to their history and their sound. Then there's bands like Waterparks and State Champs, who use their social media platforms to relate to their fans on a personal level-while totally winning the internet.

Check out these hilarious band bios below!

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State Champs

A bio that's short, sweet and straight to the point.

State Champs Facebook Bio

Good to know, guys. And let's not forget their interests section, which might be the most relatable thing we've ever read.

State Champs Facebook Interests

Sleep On It

A look at the (very) brief history of Sleep On It.

Sleep On It Facebook Bio

And their interests?

Sleep On It Facebook Interests

Neck Deep

In case you were wondering what Neck Deep likes to do, just check out their Twitter bio.

Neck Deep Twitter Bio


When someone asks you what your goal is in life...

Watsky twitter bio

The Fall Of Troy

We could be wrong, but we think these guys might be doing it backwards. 

The Fall Of Troy Facebook Story

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We think everyone can relate to Microwave's band interests.

Microwave Facebook Interests