Crazy fandoms are one of the things that make our scene great. Whether it’s queueing outside venues the night before to ensure that spot on the barrier or owning every piece of merch a band has ever made, the dedication of alternative music fans never ceases to amaze. But as well as sincere devotion, the alt scene is pretty good at churning out the kind of support for bands that borders on the ridiculous. To demonstrate this, we scoured the internet to find the weirdest Twitter and Instagram accounts dedicated to bands, and this is what we came up with.

Alex Adam (ROAM) –– @alexadamllama (Twitter)

According to the founder of this account, U.K. pop punk outfit ROAM’s guitarist Alex Adam bears some resemblance to one of the daftest animals on the planet: the llama. Check out the below tweet and make your own minds up…

Awsten Knight (Waterparks) –– @awstenseyelashes (Instagram)

Normally, it’s the Waterparks frontman’s bright blue hair that grabs everyone’s attention, but over 600 Instagrammers clearly rate his eyelash game, too. Have a look at this post of Awsten doing an interview with AP to see what all the fuss is about. Loving the Mickey Mouse tee, mate.


I already miss Waterparks so much! Only 120 days until I see them again����

A post shared by Awsten Knight��✨�� (@awstenseyelashes) on

Collin Walsh (Grayscale) –– @collinasbread (Twitter)

Grayscale frontman Collin Walsh matched with pictures of bread…Yeah, we’re as clueless as you are. Still, when it comes to food, we’re told Collin’s got a pretty good palate (or should that be “Palette”?). The correct facial response to that great (terrible) pun can be found below:

Creeper –– @creepermemes (Twitter)

This is probably our favorite of all these accounts. As well as a cracking meme game, this hilarious Twitter account is responsible for an edit of Creeper’s “Black Rain” video that speeds up every time vocalist Will Gould flicks his hair. Spoiler: Things get very fast very quick.

Neck Deep –– @poorlydrawnnd (Twitter)

Whoever started this account probably didn’t graduate art school, but they may well have been the class clown. Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors, but poorly drawn pictures of Neck Deep make for great memes.