Some viral YouTube videos will never die and in return, never letting you live down your massive failures. Such is the case for Tori Locklear, the girl who went viral after burning her hair off with a curling wand. Six years later, Locklear has turned her major fail into the perfect gig.

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The year is 2013 and Locklear, who was just 13 years old, decided to try her hand at a beauty tutorial.

In the video, she's wrapping her hair around a curling wand and telling viewers to "Count to 20". What happened next quickly sent the video into viral status.

"My hair just burnt off," Locklear says, showing her broken-off hair still wrapped around the wand.

The video has almost 52 million views to date, and Locklear eventually made her way to Ellen.

Now, at 19 years old, Locklear is making the best of the situation.

Pantene sought out Tori to have her front their latest U.S. campaign for Rescue Shots, a single-use conditioner that's meant to strengthen the hair after color and heat damage.

"I feel like if I didn't burn my hair off, it wouldn't have been a good tutorial. So, I'm glad I burnt my hair," she tells Refinery29. "It was one of those things that was like, 'Oh, great. Now I have this little chunk of hair just sitting here.' I wasn't sad about it. It was nice having people laugh and think that it's funny."

But this partnership doesn't mean Locklear is ready to jump back into the world of beauty-vlogging.

"I want to start posting [song] covers. I love singing, I've always loved it," she says.

And just in case you were wondering, it took Locklear over a year to grow that burned-off patch of hair back.

What do you think of Tori's new gig? Sound off in the comments below!

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