In part five of our Good Charlotte Musicians Institute Conversation Series, which features a guest appearance by Jessie J, we open up questions to the audience who inquire about touring, band life and the industry ins-and-outs.

The video kicks off with a student’s question about allocating jobs and picking your crew members when going on tour. “You want to be around people that you can hang with," Good Charlotte drummer Dean Butterworth said. “It's important that you have the right, proper energy.”

The conversation takes a turn to sync licenses and breaking a band into the mainstream after Benji Madden brought an unexpected guest, Jessie J. “In order for a band to survive their music has to be paid for by someone, “ Joel Madden explained. “So what’s happening is now brands are paying for the music so that the artist can still create. It’s a great thing for music, and it’s not a bad thing to take a brand's money so that you can make your art.”

AP's VP Of Content Development Ryan J. Downey asked Jessie about working with other artists in the industry since the Maddens have begun managing her recently. “The best thing about being managed by artists is that they get it,”  she said. “Being an artist is a different energy.”

She went on to say that since working with the Maddens, her life has changed not only as Jessie J, but also as “Jessica.”

Joel added, “I believe you have to be a fan of the person you work with on both sides.”

Finally, one student asks the artists’ advice for women in the music industry.  Jessie J advises women in the industry to follow their gut and take risks. “Whatever it is you want to do, study the shit out of it,” she said. “Don’t expect, don’t presume and always work hard. Always give more than what is asked of you.” —Sarah Force

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