[Photo by: goodDYEyoung]

Ever wished you could dye your hair a really wild color, but don’t have the guts to do it? Or maybe your parents or employer aren’t cool with you strutting your stuff with hot pink locks?

Hair dye manufacturer goodDYEyoung, which coincidentally is Hayley Williams of Paramore’s brainchild, has the answer for you. It’s called Poser Paste, and it’s a selection of bright, bold styling gel in four different shades: hot pink, electric yellow, bright blue, and orange. 

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The colors are meant to be buildable upon each other and are supposed to stand out even on dark hair colors. That means you can work it through even dark curly ringlets and still see gorgeous chunks of pink and blue adorning your locks. 

Poser Paste is created with sunflower extract to keep your mane in tip-top shape and features bergamot and sweet orange essential oils for a delicious, fresh scent. You’re supposed to use it on dry hair, but if you want to lock in the color for a bit as you might do with hair chalk, you can use curlers, flat irons, and other heat styling products to create a new look with your new color. 

Hayley Williams showed off how bright and vibrant the colors really are, opting for a bright orange for a spooky Halloween-esque lilt to her usually pale blonde hair. As you can see in the image, the past really does mimic colored hair. 

Right now you can preorder the Poser Paste in all four colors for $17.99 a tub, but they won't be shipping out until Oct. 16. This looks like a great way to try out a color temporarily if you're not sure you can rock a certain shade, or just want to try something new for a night. Go out, turn some heads, get home, wash it out, and go at it again.