Asian Man Records have announced that current bands and artists on their label have come together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Green Day’s Dookie. The compilation record will feature artists from the 924 Gilman St scene.

Bands such as Hotbods, Like Roses, Gnarbods and Corrupted Morals will cover Green Day favorites “Burnout,” “Basket Case,” “When I Come Around” and “In The End,” respectively.

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Check out the tribute’s full tracklisting below.

Dookie tribute tracklist
  1. Hotbods — “Burnout”
  2. Grumpster — “Having a Blast”
  3. Little Debbie And The Crusaders — “Chump”
  4. Unpopular Opinion — “Longview”
  5. Neverlyn — “Welcome to Paradise”
  6. Sarchasm — “Pulling Teeth”
  7. Like Roses — “Basket Case”
  8. Pity Party — “She”
  9. Danger Inc. — “Sassafras Roots”
  10. Gnarboots — “When I Come Around”
  11. Get Married — “Coming Clean”
  12. Deseos Primitivos — “Emenius Sleepus”
  13. Corrupted Morals — “In The End”
  14. Rex Means King — “FOD”
  15. Weeny Witch — “All By Myself”

Additionally, Corrupted Morals already premiered their contribution to the album on New Noise. Listen to their version of “In The End” below.

The Dookie tribute will be released on vinyl. You can pre-order your copy of it here. According to the website, the record will ship the second week of February.

This past summer, people were speculating a potential Dookie tour. On July 26 of last year, drummer Tre Cool took to Instagram to share a selfie of him and the rest of the band, plus a photo of their practice setlist, which featured every song on the record.

Additionally, last month, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong shared in an Instagram livestream that he is writing new Green Day music. Sould this mean a new album is the works?

What was your favorite song on Dookie? Sound off in the comments below.

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