Halloween is right around the corner but most of us aren't kids anymore. We have business meetings, presentations and important nights on the town to attend. So what do Beetlejuice, Gremlins and A Nightmare on Elm Street have to do with that?

Well, Fun.com just launched a subtle Halloween line that has all your needs to be able to rock that accounting Powerpoint presentation, and secretly (or not) add your own flair this October.

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What do we call this? Formal horror-wear? Halloween chic? Spooky sellout? Whatever we decide, there is no doubt this is something we all need; not just for spooky season, but all the time.

The line includes a Beetlejuice, Gremlins and A Nightmare on Elm Street blazer. The Beetlejuice pants are so loud that they also include matching pants. As stated, the Beetlejuice blazer is a bit...extra spooky. But, the Gremlins and A Nightmare on Elm Street blazers are very professional but represent that horror vibe on the inside lining.

Check out all three signature blazers below.

The A Nightmare on Elm Street blazer is black and shows Freddy Krueger himself, as well as his iconic glove.

Halloween/A Nightmare on Elm Street

[Photo via Fun.com][/caption]The Beetlejuice blazer is exactly what you would expect with the vertical stripes but it also features the Handbook for the Recently Deceased inside the lining and our favorite devious poltergeist himself.


[Photo via Fun.com][/caption]The Gremlins blazer is an adorable brown with cute little pictures of Gizmo surrounded by a sea of blue inside the lining.

Halloween/ Gremlins

[Photo via Fun.com][/caption]So whether you have a date, a meeting or a night in, these blazers are what you need. Maybe you want to cosplay your favorite character to any certain famous theme parks but don't want to get kicked out, here's what you need. We love them. Hell, wear one while you watch some horror movies.

These ghoulish blazers are available here.

Are you gonna check out these blazers? Let us know your favorite below.

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