Halsey in "Strangers" music video

Halsey shares intense music video for "Strangers"

Halsey just dropped the music video for “Strangers” featuring ex-Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui.

You can watch the singers battling each other in the music video below.

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As Halsey explained previously, “Strangers” is the first chapter of the story the singer has been telling throughout music videos from hopeless fountain kingdom.

The musician explained the concept of the video in a series of tweets.

“The album, and every video, is one continuous gender flipped Romeo and Juliet story!” Halsey wrote.

“The vid is a metaphor for a toxic relationship. You beat each other down as you get weaker & more desperate you’rw shots get dirty & you fight cheap,” she continued. “You lose sight of what you’re even fighting for.”

Halsey also answered fan questions about the narrative and the meaning behind the characters’ names.

“Well the male character Solis (meaning sun) is Juliet (“and juliet is the sun”) so my character Luna is Romeo and therefore the moon,” she wrote. “Rosaline (Rosa) is the woman that Romeo (Luna) desires before he meets Juliet.”

Recently the singer delighted fans everywhere by teasing that she has new music on the way very soon. Apparently, a new Halsey tune will see the light of a day “in a few weeks.”

So what’s the new song we’ll be hearing from the “Bad at Love” and “Him & I” singer in a few weeks? That’s yet to be revealed, but Halsey assured a fan on Twitter that her newest song is coming down the pike later this month. You ready for it?

Watch the video in full below:

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