After knocking out two films under the Happy Death Day franchise, fans are already begging for more. However, according to producer Jason Blum, a third installment doesn’t look so likely.

After replying to fans’ questions on Twitter, Blum came across a tweet asking about a third Happy Death Day. While Blum said the third installment isn’t likely, it isn’t completely off the table either.

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While this may be disappointing to some, Blum’s reveal doesn’t come as a surprise. According to CinemaBlend, Happy Death Day 2U actually tanked at the box office, earning less than half as much as the first.

Additionally, Happy Death Day 2U came out only a year after the first. That said, the second film likely didn’t have enough time to build proper hype or gain any separation from its predecessor.

In addition to Happy Death Day, Blum says that other iconic horror films will unlikely be revived from Blumhouse Studio. The films include a fifth installment of Scream and Sinister 3.

Additionally, in his Twitter Q&A, Blum reveals other interesting facts about his career and interests. Of the questions he answered, Blum unveiled that his favorite movie he ever made was actually the first Purge.
As for a film he wish he produced, Blum reveals that he’s a huge fan of Hitchcock.

If you are one of those Blumhouse fans devastated about not likely receiving a Happy Death Day 3, you can watch the trailer for the last installment below.

Would you want a third Happy Death Day? Sound off in the comments below.

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