Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Happy Death Day 2U

‘Happy Death Day’ producer shares possibility of third installment

After knocking out two films under the Happy Death Day franchise, fans are already begging for more. However, according to producer Jason Blum, a...
Happy Death Day 2U

‘Happy Death Day’ killer almost wore a mask that was VERY different

The sequel to 2017's Happy Death Day has hit theaters today! Happy Death Day 2U is the follow-up to the original, with that all too creepy baby mask...
happy death day 2u

‘Happy Death Day 2U’ moves release from Parkland shooting anniversary

Happy Death Day was a somewhat of a surprise hit when it was unleashed in theaters in 2017. The film topped its opening weekend,...
pennywise, get out funny horror

11 horror movies that are actually really funny

Good horror movies are intended to leave you feeling too afraid to sleep at night, but some of the best ones make you laugh,...