Hayley Williams has been keeping active on social media over the past few weeks. She recently handed over for Instagram for the Black Lives Matter activist group Teens4Equality. She also used Twitter to urge Mississippi lawmakers to change the state's flag, a motion that was eventually passed over the weekend. Now, Williams is taking part in a new Paramore trend on Twitter.

The Petals For Armor vocalist took to Twitter to share which five Paramore songs are her favorite. She also revealed which Paramore albums are their best and which popular Paramore track is now one of her least favorites.

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Over the past week, Paramore fans have been taking to Twitter to share which five songs from the band are their favorite. From unreleased tracks to covers and live performances, Paramore fans have been proclaiming their love for songs that span the band's entire career.

Now, Williams is getting in on the action. Over the weekend, she finally revealed to fans which five Paramore songs are her favorite. For the most part, their 2017 album After Laughter reigns supreme.

At the top of her list is "Told You So," one of the singles off of After Laughter. "Hard Times," "Pool," and "Rose-Colored Boy" are ranked next, followed by "I Caught Myself," which is featured on the soundtrack for the first Twilight movie. The band recently reintroduced "I Caught Myself" back into their live performances during their After Laughter tour run.

Tell Me HowAfter Laughter,Hate To See Your Heart Breakself-titled album,

Following this, a fan shared a video of Paramore performing "I Caught Myself." Williams responded to the video and shared why the song is a particular favorite.

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"Yup. This is why it's in my top 5," she tweets. "Cause the guys sound dreamy and I get to wail and flail to it."

She also takes the time to wish everyone a Happy Pride.

After sharing her top five list, fans asked her to share what her top five would be without After Laughter songs. For Williams, without After Laughter, all of her favorite tracks are off of their self-titled album. She even revealed that she feels Paramore's last two albums are their best.

At the top of her list is the live version of "Future." "Crazy Girls," "Fast In My Car," "Last Hope" and "Ain't It Fun" then follow.

Diehard fans of the 2009 album Brand New Eyes immediately came to the album's defense. Following this, Williams revealed which songs from that album are her favorite and, well, fans of the "The Only Exception" won't be too stoked.

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At this time, "The Only Exception" is one of Paramore's highest streamed songs on Spotify with over 190 million plays.

Back in March, Williams also shared that "Misery Business" is a song Paramore won't be playing live again for a very long time. So, fans can assume that the 2007 hit may not be one of her favorites.

What are your top five Paramore songs? Do you think Paramore's last two albums are their best yet? Let us know in the comments below!