Paramore’s Hayley Williams recently opened up about what the future holds for her and her bandmates. With rumors whizzing around that Paramore could potentially see an end, Williams is quick to shut down any formality regarding a legitimate break up.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we are getting any new music from Paramore soon.

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In an interview with L’Odet, Williams says that she sees a bright, long future with Paramore. However, any future material with the band will be natural and nothing like the early years.

“When we were kids it was like, we’d never even seen or heard of some of the opportunities before,” Williams says. “Half of it was curiosity and half of it was just wide-eyed ‘let’s see what this experience feels like.’ Obviously we wanted the band to succeed. But I don’t even know if we really grasped the concept of succeeding.

“It was more like we just went through the motions every day, and if the shows are really magical, then that’s why you do it, you know? Now—especially after this album cycle, too—I would never do things the way we did before After Laughter. With After Laughter, we kind of said no to everything.”

Additionally, Williams goes on to say that the band is like a family. In that, Williams says she feels as though she will never have to make a formal “break up” or hiatus post.

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“We’re all friends and we all make music in different parts, together. So I feel like, yes, I want to be in Paramore,” Williams says. “I never want to have to put out a press release that says we’re over or that I quit or that we’re taking a hiatus, which is essentially a marketing ploy these days. I would rather it just be. It just is a part of each of our DNA. If we choose to move into it as a brand and put a name on these songs and make a new t-shirt, then awesome. But I’ve been in a band with them since I was 12; I don’t think the band is going anywhere. As long as we’re friends, the band just is. It’s just in us.”

Additionally, in the rest of the interview, Williams goes on to talk about other important, yet emotional topics such as family, femininity, forgiveness and even her own divorce.

"My own…it was sort of the beginning of me having to reckon with my parents’ divorce too, and I didn’t know that until recently," Williams says. "My divorce felt like a train crash that I knew the whole time was coming—even from the moment we started dating. I tried my best to pad it, wear all the right gear, and protect myself—and maybe even potentially, at the last second, derail the situation to where things might work out in a way I couldn’t foresee."

However, Williams says that she eventually came to terms with forgiving herself. In the interview, Williams references the book, “Women Who Run With Wolves,” which helped her put her mind at ease.

What do you think of Williams’ attitude regarding the future of Paramore? Let us know in the comments below.

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