[Photo by: Lindsey Byrnes]

Getting praise from Elton John is pretty much a dream, and Hayley Williams' reaction to hearing the news of his After Laughter support is all of us.

So Williams did the one thing we'd all do: Invite Elton John to a Paramore show, of course!

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"Probably one of the most underrated albums of last year. They can be really proud of that album. It was a fabulous record," Elton John told Beats 1.

Paramore's initial response was heartwarming. (Let's be real: Who doesn't enjoy After Laughter?!)

And upon hearing the audio from the interview, Williams was blown away once again—and invited Sir Elton John himself to a Paramore show. "pls come to a pmore show. it’s a v good time," she says. And we can only agree.

Hayley and Elton John performing "Fake Happy" together? Yeah, that'd be a dream.

The band released After Laughter last May, and it just so happens to be one of our favorite releases of 2017.

Plus, Paramore will be embarking on their Parahoy! cruise this April, and you can see who'll be joining them on the adventure here.

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