The time has finally arrived. After four years, Every Time I Die are back with two heavy new songs "A Colossal Wreck" and "Desperate Pleasures."

The new songs offer the first glimpse into Every Time I Die's forthcoming ninth studio album.

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It's hard to believe it's been four years since Every Time I Die's last full-length album Low Teens made its debut. Last month, Keith Buckley revealed that Every Time I Die's new album has actually been completed for quite some time. In fact, they even shared a snippet of a new track back in April. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they decided to hold off on sharing new music for a while.

“We actually have a new record recorded,” Buckley said. “We wrote and recorded it, and then two weeks later, the pandemic hit. So, we’re just sitting on it, but we’re not going to do anything with it until we can tour again. You know, I mean everyone’s music deserves to be toured on if they put everything into it that they, you know, hold sacred which is what you try to do when you’re in a recording studio.”

Now, it looks like Every Time I Die just couldn't wait any longer to release some new tunes. This week, they dropped "A Colossal Wreck" and "Desperate Pleasures," their first new songs in four years.

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Buckley shares that these new songs are "two sides of the same reactionary coin." As well, they are heavily reflective of the current state of the world.

"While ‘A Colossal Wreck’ looks around at the current state of the world and says ‘life is a punishment and only the worst of us thrive,'" Buckley says. "‘Desperate Pleasures’ takes a more optimistic approach and renounces the nihilistic/accelerationist attitude of the voice that came before. It says that without hope, even in the face of such universal anguish, only death is certain and to give up now when those around us need it most is a treacherous act of pure cowardice. That said, I'm not sure which is worse, bein-g a coward or being a cynic. Probably a coward. At least cynics have a sense of humor.”

Although many artists are using 2020 to put out new albums, Every Time I Die don't plan on joining that trend. Buckley previously told the Peer Pleasure Podcast that they don't plan to release their full album until live shows are back.

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“So we don’t want to just like throw it into the furnace of online content that gets absorbed and quickly shit out while people are binge-watching shows,” he said. “And, you know, trying to find ways to distract themselves from the truth that the world is pretty much dilapidating around us.”

Even though Every Time I Die just released these new songs, it looks like we may see ETID perform them live for the first time very soon. On Dec. 19, they are hosting their own Christmas telethon event. The Every Time I Die’s Online Telethon Extravaganza livestream  kicks off at 2 P.M. PT / 5 P.M. ET and tickets are available here.

Every Time I Die bassist Steve Micciche teased that the event may even include some new music. It's likely that ETID will be performing "A Colossal Wreck" and "Desperate Pleasures" live for the first time during the Christmas telethon.

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Alllmost forgot what fun was til we put this together. We play, we laugh, we laugh cause we’re broke. We play a new song. We got celeb’s. We got @BillyGeeee

Last year, Every Time I Die’s annual ‘Tid The Season show featured sets from Against Me!, the Damned Things, Terror, Harm’s Way, Glassjaw, Ghostface Killah, Cave In and more. As well, they debuted a new song called "Back Distance" during the show and performed “White Void," which they previously debuted during a cruise gig last fall. 

So, fans can likely anticipate that ETID's 2020 Christmas event will include another stacked lineup and possibly even more surprises.

Stream Every Time I Die's new songs "A Colossal Wreck" and "Desperate Pleasures" below.

What are your reactions to Every Time I Die's new songs? Are you going to tune in for their Christmas livestream? Let us know in the comments below.