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Here’s why Ice-T is just as supportive of Power Trip winning that Grammy

Last month, the 2021 Grammy nominations were finally revealed. For some of the artists in the metal genre, this year was a big one. Poppy, Code Orange, In This Moment, Power Trip and Body Count are among those nominated at the prestigious awards show.

Now, Ice-T has revealed just how he feels about Body Count being nominated in the same Grammys category as Power Trip and the late Riley Gale.

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The Grammys “Best Metal Performance” category is truly stacked this year. Body Count earned a nomination for their song “Bum-Rush” while Power Trip are nominated for the live version of “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe).” Ice-T recently shared with Consequence Of Sound his initial reaction when he learned Body Count was nominated.

“Well, I think my first reaction was more insane when we got nominated for the album before this [Bloodlust], when we got nominated for ‘Black Hoodie,'” he says. “I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe it. Now, for us to get a nomination on our next album after that, I was like, ‘Really?!’ I guess somebody over there at the Grammys really enjoys what I’m doing. So, it’s a very exciting moment. We lost last time. I think just to be nominated, it sounds corny, with all the thousands and thousands of records that come out every year, is a great accomplishment and we’ll take that. Of course, we want to win but it’s mind-blowing.”

“Bum-Rush” is off of Body Count’s new album Carnivore. The 11-track LP also includes a collaboration with Power Trip’s Riley Gale on “Point The Finger.” Back in August, the Power Trip frontman tragically passed away.

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Ice-T goes on to say that being nominated at the 2021 Grammys is bittersweet. Why? Well, Body Count being nominated against Power Trip in the same category “sucks.”

“Well, the only thing about being nominated this year that sucks is that we are up against Riley,” Ice-T continues. “Riley was a friend of ours. We met out on the road, we kinda clicked off. We felt that Power Trip had a vibe that was very familiar to Body Count. [We] liked them [and] we collabed on our most recent album, Carnivore, with Riley. To have to lose him unexpectedly was one of the biggest tragedies for me this year because we were talking on the phone a lot. He was young. He was a very cool person.”

If Body Count happen to lose to Power Trip at the Grammys, Ice-T say it will still feel like he won.

“Like I said, if Power Trip were to win this Grammy, I’d absolutely have no problems with it,” he says. “It would be just like I won the Grammy ’cause that was my guy.”

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The music community and Gale’s hometown have been keeping his memory alive in recent months. Back in November, we learned that an LGBTQ+ youth home is being named after Gale in Dallas.

Body Count’s Grammy-nominated “Bum-Rush” and their collab with Riley Gale on “Point The Finger” are available to stream below.

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