Spending quality time in the bathtub could assist with mood disorders, a new study finds. That's right, taking a warm bath can reportedly help with depression. At least, that's according to the findings recently reported by New Scientist.

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Indeed, the benefits of taking a bath are seemingly just as helpful to those suffering depression as the effects of physical exercise, the advantages of which are often suggested by medical professionals as a decent first-line lifestyle change.

Scientists at the University of Freiburg in Germany conducted the study, reports Metro. 45 people with depression were asked to take a 30-minute soak in a warm bath every day for eight weeks. And the results prove bathing's soothing properties.

What exactly did the researchers find? Well, those subjects taking afternoon baths only two times a week enjoyed a greater emotional outlook overall, it seems, purportedly spurred along by a luxurious soak in the tub. Per New Scientist:

"Long soaks in a hot bath could help with depression. A small study has found that afternoon baths just twice a week produce a moderate but persistent lift to mood. The size of the benefit was similar to that seen with physical exercise, which is a recommended therapy for mild or moderate depression."

Time to break out all those fancy bath bombs, eh? We know we can't wait to totally agree with science tonight as we take an extra long dip in the ol' hot cauldron. It's been a long week and, boy, we really could use the boost.

Do you ever sit in a warm bath to clear your mind or calm your nerves? What do you think of the study's conclusion that taking a bath can ease depression? Sound off in the comments section, below, and let us know your thoughts.

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