In their new video, Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman, aka I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, don't come off as friendly or touchy-feely. That's because they're not supposed to. Social distancing! Six feet back, dude! The duo prove that the pandemic hasn't made things impossible—it's just made more work for fewer people. It's all revealed in the clip for "Leave Me Alone," the first single from iDKHOW's debut album, Razzmatazz, out Oct. 16 on Fearless Records.

Instead of worrying about the potential threat of the coronavirus, iDKHOW just worked it into the video treatment. The intrepid duo are grooving in an enclosed clear plastic square space, separated by a piece of plexiglass. Various medical equipment appliances generate random readings and 3D renderings of Weekes' head. Technicians move in and out looking concerned. It's the funkiest, grooviest contagion movie you've ever seen.

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“Making a video in the middle of a pandemic was a challenge,” Weekes reveals. “We decided to incorporate a lot of things from the state of the world as it is now. Social distancing, sterile isolation, etc. It all seemed to fit with the song's themes of wanting to quarantine yourself from toxic people and situations."

Director Raul Gonzo has shot previous clips for the band ("Choke," "Do It All The Time"), and he captures the '70s sci-fi vibe quite nicely here. Film buffs will totally dig the clip as they make their own references. Not only is the video topical, but all the machinery (vintage, other) keeps iDKHOW on brand. We can only imagine what other video adventures they have planned for the rest of that good old-fashioned Razzmatazz.

Check out "Leave Me Alone" below. You don't have to wash your hands to enjoy it. But you should do it anyway.