Remember when a photo of an egg stole Kylie Jenner's record for "most likes" on an Instagram post? Well it looks like the entire campaign could all be part of genius marketing by Hulu, or at the very least, the company could be the egg's first big sponsorship. The viral egg is now promising some sort of "big reveal" during this year's Super Bowl, with Hulu sharing similar teasers.

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The Instagram account world_record_egg set out with one misssion, to steal Kylie's crown for most likes on an Instagram photo.

The egg ended up CRUSHING Kylie's old record of 18 million likes, currently sitting at a whopping 52 million likes.

The account has continued to post photos, each one showing the Instagram egg cracking more and more.

Now, it appears the campaign may be tied in with Hulu after the account's most recent post, which promises that all will be revealed during Super Bowl LIII.

Hulu's Instagram bio now reads "Get crackin'" with an egg emoji, and as of an hour ago, the egg has even appeared in a post promoting their upcoming original series Shrill.

Could it be a teaser for the Hulu original series we'll be seeing tomorrow? Or does this infamous egg have more in store?

It looks like we'll all be waiting for this egg to finally crack during tomorrow's football festivities.

Do you think this was all part of some marketing campaign by Hulu? Or do you think the company dished out the big bucks to become the egg's first sponsorship? Sound off in the comments below!

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