The Masked Singer has a brief, yet storied history of people guessing incorrectly. There was the time everyone thought the leopard was Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie. Another time, judges and fans thought the elephant was blink-182's Travis Barker (turns out it was Tony Hawk). 

Now, a new theory for the Turtle of season three has been unleashed. A number of fans believe that the rock-themed, shelled singer is none other than Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

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The Masked Singer is currently airing its third season and has featured a number of rather famous celebrities thus far. The likes of Lil Wayne, Rob Gronkowski, Hawk and Bella Thorne have all been unmasked thus far. 

Since the original airing of this season, many believed the Turtle to be part of a boyband with guesses ranging from members of New Kids On The Block, or Adam Lambert to Niall Horan. One of the most popular theories amongst viewers of the show is Jesse McCartney. We still get chills when it's a sunny day and we're cruising down the road blasting "Beautiful Soul." But that's beside the point.  

While a number of fans' minds' are made up about the Turtle being McCartney, others aren't too sure. Based on clues, they're throwing out wild card guesses like he could be Gerard Way. 

The Turtle's costume does have a very rock 'n roll vibe with spikes and he moves around like a seasoned frontman on stage. Considering My Chemical Romance has been around for just short of two decades, it's safe to say that Way has cut his chops in terms of stage presence. 

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While the voices to particularly match (even though Way is more than capable of throwing off the judges) one of the main supporting pieces of the theory is a particular clue about comic books. 

One fan pointed out that Gerard Way is the creator of the graphic novel bestseller and hit Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. The Turtle also said that they are not known for just one thing.

 Check out some guesses below. 

As stated, a massive number of everyone besides the judges believe it to be Jesse McCartney.

Watch one of the turtle's performances below and decide for yourself.

What's your best guess on the Turtle from The Masked Singer? Tell us in the comments below!

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