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10 things that prove the Network are actually Green Day

Green Day fans have spent way too much time arguing over the Network on the internet.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the band, the mysterious group have been thought to be made up of Green Day members since they released their first album, Money Money 2020, in 2003 and signed with Billie Joe Armstrong’s record label, Adeline Records

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Some believe that Armstrong is the Network’s frontman “Fink,” while Mike Dirnt is “Van Gough” and Tré Cool is “The Snoo.” Additionally, it’s rumored that Jason White and Jason Freese, who’ve both collaborated with Green Day over the years, play in the band as guitarist “Captain Underpants” and keyboardist “Z,” respectively.

Green Day have denied being associated with the project since then, but there have been several moments that make it seem like they’re totally in on the joke. And now the Network just released their first new music in 17 years, which has only led to further speculation as to who the true identities of the band members are

We decided to give you 10 pieces of evidence that prove the Network are just Green Day in disguise. You can check that out below. 

For one, they admitted it

The band have spent years denying their involvement with the Network and trying to prove that they’re just ripping off Green Day. However, in 2013, Dirnt revealed that Green Day have a connection to the secret band. He confirmed to Rolling Stone that Green Day played a role in the group’s debut album.

“Because we were working so hard, since [2004’s] American Idiot,” he said. We haven’t stopped moving forward: the [2003] Network record, Foxboro Hot Tubs, the [American Idiot] musical, the live records, 21st Century Breakdown. There is so much stuff we have written and done, in between records, that hasn’t even come out. I look at it and go, ‘What kind of pace is that?’ Anybody would crack under half of that.”

Their denial brings more publicity to the project 

After posting the song leak to his story, Billie,in classic fashion, confirms The Network are back from r/greenday

Every single time the Network make an announcement, whether it be new music or signing to a new label, Green Day have something to say about it. And really it’s a genius idea. Green Day let their larger following know when the Network have new things going on, even if it’s by saying that they hate them. And the alleged “hate” is spread on all social media platforms by both individual band members and the official band pages. Now that’s a lot of free marketing. 

Green Day own the Network’s website

While Green Day have done a pretty good job putting on a front that they truly hate the Network, a few minor details have fallen through the cracks. For one, the Network’s official band website is owned by Green Day, Inc. It’s just one of those pieces of evidence that Green Day truly can’t deny, and they probably hope that no one will actually take the time to look into the details. 

They opened for Green Day back in 2005

Let’s not forget that the Network opened for Green Day in 2005. Why would two bands who seemingly hate each other decide to perform shows together? It’s pretty hilarious to think about Green Day doing a costume change in between sets in an attempt to not give away their secret.

The Network were just signed by the same label 

Aside from the fact that Armstrong signed the Network on his label in 2003, the band just got picked up by Warner Records, the same label that Green Day are on. Warner Records tweeted the news, taking a dig at Green Day, which also proves that they were in on the joke. It would be out of pocket for them to tag Green Day in a tweet about signing a band they hate if it wasn’t all in good fun. 

The band members have similar tattoos

In the band’s video for their new track “Ivankkka Is A Nazi,” you can clearly see a small heart-shaped tattoo on Fink’s middle finger as he grabs the mic, which is completely identical to Armstrong’s. Additionally, The Snoo has two arms full of tattoos that are quite similar to Cool’s if you put them side by side. Apparently, one long-term effect of getting tattoos that you need to consider is whether or not you want to start a secret band because it might just give it away. 

The lead vocals are dead-on 

It’s hard to deny that Fink’s vocals don’t sound almost identical to Armstrong’s. If the Network really were ripping off Green Day, they might be able to copy the instrumental sound, which could explain the similarity. Copying vocals, on the other hand, is much harder to accomplish. Listen to “Teenagers From Mars” by the Network and try to dispute it. It’s too spot-on. 

There’s a small nod to the band’s past in “Spike” 

During the intro to “Spike” from the band’s 2003 album, the lyrics mention a warehouse in Oakland. It’s well known that Green Day used to squat at a warehouse in Oakland when they were first starting out. In fact, in 2016, an artist warehouse in Oakland burned down and killed 36 people, and Green Day performed a tribute for the victims. 

The band’s new political track is straight out of Green Day’s book

The new song from the Network called “Ivankkka Is A Nazi” is a page straight out of Green Day’s book. The band have never been shy about calling out political and social injustice in the U.S., aiming at politicians such as George W. Bush. In fact, in Holiday,” Green Day also compare Bush to a Nazi, so it seems like the new track is the 2020 version of Green Day doing what they do best—just maybe under a secret name. 

Even behind the masks, there’s an uncanny resemblance

Maybe it’s because we’re better at recognizing people wearing masks in 2020 than we were in 2003, but there’s an uncanny resemblance between the members of Green Day and the Network, even when they’re in masks. A mask can’t totally hide distinguishing features, such as Armstrong’s puppy-dog eyes or Cool’s head shape. If they’re going to try to keep up this gag, they might want to invest in some better disguises.