We’re slowly finding out more and more about It: Chapter 2, and we’ve got a sneak peak at one of the members of the adult Losers Club.

James McAvoy, who plays a grown-up Bill Denbrough, celebrated a birthday recently. To celebrate, director Andy Muschietti posted a behind-the-scenes look at his character on Instagram.

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“And a happy belated birthday to the great @jamesmcavoyrealdeal who will thrust his f-f-fists against anything that moves,” the caption reads.

If you remember the Stephen King story, you’ll know the fate of the character’s little brother Georgie. He was one of the first victims of the terrifying monster that terrorizes Derry, Indiana.

In the first film, Bill (Jaeden Martell) assembled the Losers Club to combat the evil Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard).

The adult losers club will be joined by the younger members in the film that continues the horrifying tale.

Earlier this month, we got a teaser showing a scene featuring the adult version of the cast focusing on Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain). 

Then, Muschietti revealed how he decided who should be in the adult-version of the misfit group.  

“I wanted the adult Losers to be believable and that people believed that we’re talking about the same people,” he said. “It was a journey of finding and looking. I’m proud to say that all of the people I wanted in the movie finally landed in it. It was so incredible to find all the people standing here were so excited to be a part of it.”

The cast includes Chastain as Beverly Marsh, McAvoy as Bill Denbrough and Bill Hader as Richie Tozier. Additionally, James Ransone will appear as Eddie Kaspbrak, and Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom. Also, Andy Bean will play Stan Uris and Isaiah Mustafa will be Mike Hanlon.

Additionally, the film will see the adults of the Loser’s Club tackling the strange ritual that involves the group biting each other’s tongues and laughing.

We’ve previously heard that the film will have “the most blood that’s ever been in a horror film,” which sounds pretty exciting to us.

It: Chapter 2 hits theaters September 6.

How excited are you to see It: Chapter 2 once it hits theaters? Sound off in the comments below!

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