Now that It Chapter Two is finally in theaters, it feels like everywhere we look there are red balloons and paper sailboats. The It-inspired clown trend is back and stronger than ever, and now fans can get their Pennywise fix at Starbucks thanks to this "secret menu" frappuccino.

Check it out below!

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This Pennywise Frappuccino has been popping up on social media and picking up traction at many Starbucks locations.

The creepy drink originally began making its rounds in 2017, after the launch of the original It film. Now, it's back just in time for Halloween.

Made using the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino as a base, strawberry puree is then added to resemble Pennywise's iconic look... or blood, that's for you to decide.

One Starbucks barista even went above and beyond for the drink, drawing a Pennywise face on the side of the cup.

Check it out below!

As stated in the Instagram caption, the It Frappuccino is NOT an official menu item. That means you more than likely can't walk into your local Starbucks and ask for the drink without getting some crazy and weird looks.

However, most locations should be able to make the "secret menu" item for you if you ask.

Will you be ordering this It Chapter Two inspired drink? Sound off in the comments below!

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