Over the years, music fans have been treated to a plethora of musical projects from Frank Iero. From Pencey Prep to My Chemical Romance, Death Spells and, more recently, the Future Violents, Iero is known for experimenting with different sounds through various musical outlets.

Now, it looks like fans can expect even more musical projects from Iero in the near future.

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Earlier this month, Frank Iero and the Future Violents dropped their new EP Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place. The collection of songs were recorded during their Barriers sessions, but never made it onto the album. Just before its release, Iero revealed to Alternative Press that these new songs are the last recordings from the Future Violents.

"Yes," he said. "These would be the final recordings of the Violents."

Despite the fact Iero may be closing the Future Violents chapter in his career, at least for now, he still has plenty of exciting plans in the works. During a recent interview with Louder, Iero shared that he is currently working on multiple new projects. However, he remained tight-lipped about specific details.

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"There's nothing I can break for you right now," he says. "I will say this though, at the moment I'm working on between four and five different projects which is awesome but it's all spec."

For now, Iero is taking all of these projects one step at a time and seeing how they each develop.

"We're gonna do this thing, have fun with it and see where it goes," he continues. "Will it ever see the light of day – who knows? Maybe not, but then maybe also everything will happen at the same fucking time and that'll be really stressful. I just don't know, I’m afraid. I do know I'm keeping fairly busy, much to my wife's chagrin.”

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Over the past few months, Frank Iero has touched on quite a few of his past and current projects. In October 2020, a rare video of Pencey Prep surfaced online. As it turns out, the footage was so rare that not even Iero himself had seen it. As well, an old LeATHERMØUTH demo CD from years ago was rediscovered last year. The discovery led to many fans asking Iero to bring the hardcore punk project back.

More recently, back in December, Iero celebrated the one-year anniversary of My Chemical Romance's unforgettable reunion by showing off some new ink honoring the special show. Shortly after, he also shared a rare photo taken just before the reunion that many fans had never seen before.

While we wait to see exactly what projects Iero is working on, the Future Violents' new EP is available to stream below.

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