‘Jackass 4’ already filmed a stunt that landed two stars in the hospital

We are still over a year away from the highly-anticipated release of Jackass 4. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the film has faced various release and production delays.

As it turns out, however, these delays may have done two of its stars some good. Back before the coronavirus shut down in March, a stunt gone wrong ended up sending two Jackass stars to the hospital.

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Due to coronavirus, Jackass 4 has seen various release delays. The film was originally slated for a March 2021 premiere. However, Jackass 4 has now been pushed back to Sept. 3, 2021.

Despite the change in plans, Steve-O has managed to spill plenty of secrets about the upcoming film. During an interview with the AV Club, Steve-O shared that he was surprised Jackass 4 even happened. Since it’s been quite a few years since the Jackass crew got together, Steve-O assumed the opportunity for more films had passed.

“I was personally very surprised that Jackass four came up,” he said. “I thought that ship had sailed, and I didn’t really mind either way because I had created enough momentum on my own that I was gonna be okay without another Jackass installment.”

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Shortly after filming began, however, the Jackass 4 production was forced to shut down because of the pandemic. As it turns out, this shutdown may have been good for both Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville. Bam Margera revealed that the co-stars were hospitalized just two days into filming Jackass 4. Why? Well, let’s just say a stunt didn’t go exactly as planned.

“It’s the second day of filming Jackass already and Steve-O and Knoxville were hospitalized by jumping on a full-speed treadmill with band equipment like a fucking tuba,” Margera said.

[Video via Bam Margera on Cameo]

In an interview with The Fighter And The Kid Clips, Steve-O further opened up about the delays Jackass 4 has dealt with this year.

“We got one week into filming Jackass 4 and that’s when the shutdown happened,” Steve-O says. “Which is a pisser, it’s also a blessing because there are obvious question marks around whether a bunch of forty, and in some cases, fifty, 2024… Knoxville believes firmly the older you get the funnier it is. I don’t know, I think at a certain point it just gets kind of tough to watch. I don’t mind a bit.”

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Steve-O goes on to say that the Jackass 4 cast’s chemistry was there since day one of production. As a result, they managed to get quite a bit of footage during the first week of filming.

“The one week that we were able to film,” Steve-O says. “The chemistry was there, the footage, everything worked out fantastically so we were able to put together enough footage in that one week for the question marks to be answered. Can we still do it? Does it still work? Is it good to watch?”

At this time, it is unknown when Jackass 4 will resume filming. However, some of the co-stars have still managed to see each other this year. Last week, Bam and Steve-O shared a few heartwarming Instagram posts that were truly the reunion we all needed in 2020.

Currently, Jackass 4 is still slated to arrive on Sept. 3, 2021.

Steve-O’s new interview with The Fighter And The Kid Clips is available to watch below.

What are your reactions to Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville being hospitalized? Are you going to see Jackass 4? Let us know in the comments below.