Youtuber/comedian/musician Jarrod Alonge attended the APMAs this past Wednesday in Cleveland, Ohio and took some time to focus on what your favorite bands were wearing.

In his fashion police recap video, Alonge mostly rips apart the wardrobe choices made by many, with everyone from Asking Alexandria to Weezer getting jabs. Lines like "I didn't know that Craig Mabbitt joined the Amish mafia" and "Deryck [Whibley of Sum 41] looked like he had just joined the leprechaun military" should provide some laughs. Alonge doesn't tear into everyone, though; he does praise some artists and outfits as well. It is disappointing, however, that Alonge didn't happen to comment on why Metro Station looked to be arriving immediately following a shirts-versus-skins basketball match. 

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You can watch Alonge's full fashion recap below and check out all of our APMAs coverage here. Which outfits were you enjoying the most, and which ones made you cringe?