If you've taken time to look into the personal life of actor Jason Momoa, you should know he's super into metal and he's taking his passions a step further than most with his new show See.

After making his way out to see Vancouver tech death band Archspire last year, Momoa has tapped members of the band to appear in the new show.

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The band's vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron and drummer Spencer Prewett got to appear on screen with the famed actor for the show's debut episode.

The show's premise is essentially that in a distant future, the human race have lost the ability to see and must find new ways to hunt, build, interact and survive.

When the actor went to their show in September 2018, it was just a few days after filming for the series began in Vancouver.

"We’re so stoked to share with everyone Archspire’s cameo on Apple TV Plus new show See along side the metal loving beast himself Jason Momoa. Definitely one of the coolest experiences imaginable. We want to give a huge thanks to Jason for believing in Archspire and single handedly creating the opportunity to showcase a piece of our tech death style into this amazing show! Everyone go check out Spencer and Oliver in the first episode “Godflame” available right now on Apple TV Plus and of course STAY TECH!"

Check out their posts about the cameo below.

What do you think of Jason Momoa tapping members of Archspire to appear in his new show See? et us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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