Bestselling author Joe Hill—the pen name of Joseph Hillstrom King, who just happens to be famous horror writer Stephen King's son—may have solved a 40-year-old cold-case murder based on a scene found in Steven Spielberg's Jaws.

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As documented by Esquire, Hill thinks a mystery woman known as "Lady of the Dunes" appears as an extra in 1975's Jaws. The Lady of the Dunes' body was discovered in 1974, and neither her or her killer have ever been identified.

"The movie and the murder overlap geographically and chronologically," he says. He also notes that the Lady of the Dunes may have simply been "in the right place at the right time—or, rather, the wrong place at the wrong time."

Hill apparently noticed a resemblance between the film extra and the unidentified victim while watching Jaws at a special 40th anniversary screening, spotting the similarity based on his memory of the woman's original forensic sketch.

Was the Lady of the Dunes really in the area where Jaws was filming just before she disappeared? Could a scene in the film really contain the last known footage of the missing person? Indeed, Hillstrom King thinks this is the case.

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