John Mulaney and Pete Davidson’s beautiful friendship made its way to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and we got to their cuteness in action.

Mulaney is hosting Saturday Night Live this week, so the former SNL writer joined Fallon on his show and brought his best friend Davidson along. 

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The duo joined Fallon for a game of true confessions, where each person made a statement to the group about themselves. The other two had to guess if it was true or false. They were allowed to interrogate the person and ask for additional information about the statement.

Mulaney went first and said that his neighbor was arrested by the FBI for being a cannibal. His turn freaked out Davidson because “his voice is what interrogation is.”

His statement ended up being true, and Davidson was somewhat offended that his best friend had never told him the story before. He assumed he must have forgotten when Mulaney told him.

“I haven’t. I’ve lived a full life. There’s many stories,” Mulaney said.

Fallon made a statement about getting drunk with a musician in New York and waking up in Nashville. The pair of best friends knew that was true at the start.

Davidson’s confession was probably the most ridiculous. He said he went with the creator of SNL Lorne Michaels to Jamaica for New Years during Davidson’s first season on the show.

“I really want that to be a lie,” Mulaney said.

Davidson told the hilarious story of his 20-year-old self getting high in Jamaica and hanging out with his much older boss. Somehow, the story was true. However, he clarified that they stayed at separate hotels.

“I would’ve been fired if I stayed there (with Michaels),” Davidson said.

You can check out the entire adorable video below.

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