Juliet Simms has a lot going on, even in lockdown-mode. In the next installment of AP Phoner, AltPress content director Paige Owens speaks to the singer-songwriter on her past, current and future. Once we've all been given the all-clear to leave our homes, that is.

There's no denying that Juliet Simms has a story. And a voice to convey it. She brought a glorious dimension to Automatic Loveletter as that band were finding their footing. She went on Warped Tour as both band member and solo artist, captivating the fans that watched her. Her stint on the competitive singing show The Voice was a highwater benchmark for the program. Now that she's readying her first solo album, Simms is ready to make heads swivel yet again.

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For the most part, Simms and husband Andy Biersack have been enjoying their time in self-isolation. The two of them are doubling down on every Marvel movie franchise they can access. She tells Owens that it hasn't necessarily been an endless vacation. Simms says she's doing her best to maintain a positive mental attitude, while also pondering what kind of superpowers she'd like to have. She also gave us some advance info on the making of her Sumerian Records debut album. The singer let us in on some of the songs she'll be covering, which happen to span decades. There's also that one teaser from the album she shouldn't have made public. Spoiler alert: It's the first time she's ever screamed on a record. You know who wasn't happy about it? The powers that be at her label...

It was a special day when Juliet Simms got on the phone with Altpress' Owens. Really: The interview occurred on her wedding anniversary. Due to Biersack's touring regimen, the number of times they've both been home on the day are very few. We're glad she made the time for us. More importantly, we're glad to share it with you.