The Kern County-born nü-metal veterans in Korn spent a whopping $60,000 on liquor while recording their third album, Follow The Leader, according to frontman Jonathan Davis. The singer discloses the figure in a new profile over at The Ringer.

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In a piece recalling the voluminous amounts of "cocaine, speed, and ... gallons of Jack Daniel's" the band members consumed while tracking their 1998 full-length, writer Steven Hyden posits that Korn were the "last rock 'n' roll superstars."

It's not a laughable proposition. As surveyed in the article, it becomes clear that Korn were uniquely positioned among the last in a line of late-'90s rock bands to have a mainstream-sized fanbase, hang out with pop stars, and do a ton of drugs.

"It was the pinnacle of rock and roll excess," Davis says. "I'm singing on a record, I'm high on cocaine. And there's some bitch blowing an amazing fucking musician that's in an amazing band—I'm not naming names, I don’t fucking tell."

Davis got sober after Follow The Leader, but not before the band shelled out the reported $60,000 on booze during the recording sessions, which is "something like 2,000 bottles of Jack Daniels," per SPIN. (Hey, nothing in life is free.)

And none of that sum includes "the fuckin’ drug money I spent on blow," adds the singer. Boom na da noom na na nema.

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