Korn fans have been (im)paintently waiting for the group to release their 13th album, and it sounds like we're getting closer each day.

In this latest bit of Korn related news, the group's new release is "very groove-oriented," and we can't wait.

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Korn's frontman Jonathon Davis recently sat with DOMkast, where he talked about the band's forthcoming album.

"It's going great. We're recording in Nashville, and I'm gonna start working on some stuff when I get home. And when it's done, it's done," Davis said. "It's not like records in the past. We're taking our time on this one. And the stuff that I've heard that we're recording is very groove-oriented, it's very intense. It's gonna be a good record. I'm really excited to get home and start singing on it."

Following this, the interviewer then asked the singer what the differences are between a band just starting out and a seasoned group when it comes to time working on an album.

"There's a lot of moving parts," he said. "Sometimes records go real quick. A lot of times, you [go in the studio and things happen] really, really fast. And this [record] could be really, really fast. I've just gotta get in there and do my thing. You never know."

Listen to the interview below!

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It was recently reported that the band’s guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer and Brian “Head” Welch had started writing new material for Korn’s forthcoming 13th album, and according to the band’s frontman Jonathan Davis, the new material is coming along.

“I’ve listened to a bunch of stuff. There’s been really good ideas, really cool grooves. It really doesn’t start taking place until I get there and glue all the shit together with the arrangements and put my vocals on it.

He continued on to say:

“But they’re working with different producers and we’re gonna do the record and we’ll see – I’m really excited for it. It doesn’t suck, I know that. I’m not going, ‘Go back, please.’ I’m more impressed on these than I was with Serenity Of Suffering, so…”

While we’re not sure what to expect from the new album just yet, it appears that it might come sometime next year.

Korn’s drummer Ray Luzier recently had to clarify past remarks on the album's release, where he had to let fans know that no release date for the album has been set, despite past comments.

“Tracking madness!” The drummer shared in the post. “BTW, disregard what I said in the Sabian interview [where the March release date was originally stated] there’s no release date yet kids!”

Korn released their twelfth studio album the Serenity Of Suffering in late 2016.

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