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See this bride kick off her metal wedding with a Lamb Of God entrance

If you think you are the biggest Lamb Of God fan, think again.

One bride truly took her love for the metal band to the next level and walked down the aisle to one of their songs.

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For most of us, Lamb Of God probably aren’t the first band that comes to mind when we think of weddings. However, for Amanda Lowther, she knew she wanted to kick off her special day by rocking out to a classic Lamb Of God tune.

On her wedding day, Lowther decided to walk down the aisle to the intro of “Remorse Is For The Dead.” The song appears on Lamb Of God’s 2004 album Ashes Of The Wake.

Surprisingly, the intro fits in well with the wedding ceremony. Although Lowther didn’t pick a Lamb Of God song that truly gets heads rolling, the 2004 track’s somber sound worked well as she walked down the aisle with her son. As well, it’s clear by the song’s title that the new bride has a sense of humor.

As if walking down the aisle to Lamb for God wasn’t dedication enough, Lowther even named her son Adler, after Willie and Chris Adler.

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“I got married this last weekend and the intro to Remorse is for the dead was my aisle song. My son who walked with me is named Adler (please show Willie!) Thanks for being part of our day.”

The video eventually caught the attention of Mark Morton who reshared the post on Twitter. The guitarist congratulated the bride on her special day and shared his appreciation that Lamb Of God were included in the ceremony.

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“Congratulations Amanda! You look beautiful! Young Adler looks like he’s doing a fine job. Honored we could be a part of the joy.”

It looks like Lowther truly got the metal wedding of her dreams.

Now, Lowther isn’t the first bride to incorporate their love of metal music into their wedding. Last year, a typical wedding turned into the ultimate mosh pit throwdown thanks to Slayer. The DJ put on “Raining Blood” which caused the wedding party and guests to break out into pandemonium.

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