It looks like Lil Nas X has been hard at work creating new music. On Wednesday, the rapper shared a video of him "working" in the studio.

The 13-second clip shows Lil Nas X hilariously performing his own version of emo music alongside his friend with an acoustic guitar.

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Over the years, Lil Nas X has become known for the genre-bending tendencies in his music. He rose to fame with "Old Town Road," his collaboration with country star Billy Ray Cyrus.

Lil Nas X has also shown his rock music side in the past. Last year, the rapper teamed up with blink-182's Travis Barker for the song "F9mily (You & Me)." He has also previously sampled Nirvana in this work. A sample of "In Bloom" appears on his song "Panini."

Now, it looks like Lil Nas X is channeling another music genre. On Wednesday, he shared a hilarious video of him messing around in the studio with a friend. In the 13-second clip, he appears to be giving his own interpretation of emo music.

Alongside the acoustic guitar, the rapper screams the lyrics, "heart been broke so many times I don't know what to believe. It's my fault, I wear my heart on my sleeve."

Maybe it's time for Lil Nas X to start an emo band? It wouldn't be the first time a rap artist crossed over into emo music.

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Should Lil Nas X start an emo band? Let us know in the comments below.