Here’s why Linkin Park completely rewrote “Runaway” for ‘Hybrid Theory’

Linkin Park are currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the debut album Hybrid Theory.

On Friday, Linkin Park released the Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition which includes rare demos, unreleased songs, unseen artwork and more.

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It has been a big lead up to Oct. 9 for Linkin Park fans. The band have been teasing the Hybrid Theory anniversary for months.

On Aug. 7, Linkin Park launched an interactive website that was filled with Easter eggs about the Hybrid Theory 20-year anniversary. Then, on Aug. 13, they announced the Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition and released the unheard demoShe Couldn’t.” “She Couldn’t” joins various other rare Linkin Park demos on the new release including “Pictureboard.”

“Pictureboard” is considered to be the holy grail demo as it is the first Linkin Park song Chester Bennington ever sang on. Last month, Linkin Park opened up on the first time heard they heard Bennington sing on “Pictureboard” and why the demo is particularly important in the band’s history.

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As well, Linkin Park released the original version of their hit “In The End” last week. The demo was released as “The Untitled” prior to Hybrid Theory. It resurfaced online in 2009 and later appeared on the fan club exclusive LP Underground Eleven. Bennington’s original verses stayed the same for the album version, but much of Mike Shinoda‘s raps changed.

Now, Shinoda is revealing some behind-the-scenes secrets about another Hybrid Theory song. During a Twitter Q&A, he revealed that “Runaway” was a completely different song before they went into the recording studio.

The song was originally called “Stick N Move” and was a crowd favorite during Linkin Park’s early days. However, the song didn’t fit with the rest of the album material. So, it was completely rewritten and titled “Runaway.”

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“‘Stick N Move’ was a crowd favorite at our earliest shows. Then when we started recording #HybridTheory20, it never really stood up to all the other songs, so we completely rewrote it, and it became Runaway. (A version of Stick n Move is in the #HT20 box set).”

The original “Stick N Move” demo is included in the Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition. While some of the original background music can be heard in “Runaway,” the two Hybrid Theory tracks sound completely different from one other.

Linkin Park are further celebrating the Hybrid Theory anniversary with an exclusive livestream event. The band are taking part in a fan Q&A and are also streaming their set from the 2002 Projekt Revolution tour.

The first stream has already passed. However, fans have a second, and last, chance to catch the full stream on Friday, Oct. 9 at 9 P.M. PT. More information on the event and tickets is available here.

Stream “Stick N Move” and “Runaway” below.

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