Shower people, rejoice. Lush has introduced shower bombs. No longer will you have to force yourself to sit through a bath to enjoy the bubbly goodness of a bath bomb.

Lush’s shower bombs are just like bath bombs. However, instead of exploding into bubbles, the shower bombs dissolve into scents and a body wash for your use. You can recreate a spa right from the comfort of your shower.

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The shower’s steam—not the water—cause the product to foam up in your hands, releasing the scents. You can use the shower bombs as a wash after they've fully dissolved into foam.

The brand-new shower bomb is available in four new scents.

Plan on having sweet dreams with "Sleepy" shower bomb, infused with lavender scents. “Not Sleepy” does the opposite with a lemon-scent meant to energize you.


Sleepy (left) and Not Sleepy (right) Shower Bombs. [Photo via Lush][/caption] 

“Koyaanisqatsi” is a vanilla scent made to calm you. “Karma,” with its bright colors, wakes you up with the scent of patchouli oil.

Lush Shower Bombs

Koyaanisqatsi (left) and Karma (right) shower bombs. [Photo via Lush][/caption] 

The shower bombs are available now from Lush, with each bomb retailing for $3.25. Check them out here.

Other Lush products

Lush’s 2018 holiday line is available now online and in stores. The line includes peppermint and gingerbread scented powders and soaps designed specially for the holiday season.

Recently, Lush enlisted the help of drag queen superstars to help ring in the most wonderful time of the year: Dragmas.

To get people even more excited about the holiday line, Lush recruited RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Shea Couleé (Season 9), Kim Chi (Season 8) and Detox (Season 5 and All Stars Season 2) to create holiday looks.

The products in their holiday line inspired the looks. All of the drag queens involved created different iconic looks, which will be displayed at various times within the holiday season. View all of the superstars holiday looks here.