Macaulay Culkin is once again home alone, except this time, he's in his late thirties and he's got Google Assistant to help him defend himself against any of those pesky home invaders.

For the new ad, Culkin has reprised his infamous role as Kevin McCallister in order to recreate some classic scenes from Home Alone, and we've got to admit, he's pretty spot on. Check it out below!

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Culkin was just 9-years-old when he first began filming for the role of Kevin for the beloved 1990 holiday film, and today, the actor is 38 and reliving some of the best scenes from the film.

During the holiday ad, Culkin can be seen asking his new Google Assistant for help during his many activities of the day, including jumping on the bed, talking to his pizza delivery guy and tricking him with that infamous "filthy animal" trick, avoiding any home invaders with "operation Kevin," and, narrowly avoiding burning his face with aftershave (to which he added it to his list of things to buy!)

Talk about a little nostalgia to brighten up the holiday season, and well, it's also nice knowing what 38-year-old Kevin McCallister is actually like.

It appears even Culkin himself was just a little curious on adult Kevin, as he took to Twitter earlier to share the ad with his followers.

Yeah, we've got to admit, it was nice seeing what adult Kevin McCallister was like as an adult. What did you think of Culkin's re-enactments? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below!

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