Machine Gun Kelly is giving one fan an amazing opportunity to redesign his logo and make some cash. 

The rapper put a call out on Twitter asking fans to get creative and come up with a new logo to celebrate his “new chapter”. 

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He also said he will pay any fan to do the redesign and they can submit it to his email. You can see his full post below. 

This would be an amazing opportunity for artists in EST to show off their talent and fandom in a major way.

To also celebrate the new era of MGK, you can listen to his latest album Hotel Diablo below.

More News

Pete Davidson‘s comedy film Big Time Adolescence has been snatched up by Hulu. The film features Machine Gun Kelly, Sydney Sweeny and more.

Back in November, it was revealed the coming-of-age drama, directed by Jason Orley, was heading to the Sundance Film Festival. The film follows a teen from the suburbs who is under the guidance of his college dropout best friend.

After making its Sundance debut, the film scored a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes with Davidson earning praise over his leading role and strong performance.

According to Deadline, Hulu has now acquired the movie in a deal worth $4 million.

The cast of Big Time Adolescence got really close during filming. MGK even told a story about how Davidson drove six hours to EST Fest in Ohio to see him perform.

During filming, Machine Gun Kelly even gave Davidson a real tattoo.

Davidson showed off his ink during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter at Sundance Film Festival. They wanted the scene to be authentic which is why he didn’t fake it.

“He actually killed it,” Davidson said about MGK’s tattoo skills. “He did great work. He’s very proud of his work.”

MGK commented during the interview that the “Z” in “Zeke” is so much thicker than the other letters because it was when they were starting to roll. He kept having to go over the letter to make it look real.

MGK also spoke to IndieWire about the tattoo in a bit more detail.

“We were kinda throwin’ in different kick it situations, and one of them, Pete was like, ‘We should do a tattoo scene,’” MGK said. “Being the way that we are, we were like, ‘We should just do this for real,’ so we got a tattoo gun.”

It’s currently unknown when the film will be available on Hulu.

Will you submit a design for a revamped Machine Gun Kelly logo? Sound off in the comments down below and let us know!

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