These will be biggest hair color trends of 2018, according to Manic Panic

[Photos by: @manicpanicnyc/Instagram]

Ultra Violet may be the color of the year according to Pantone, and we’re sure Awsten Knight is thrilled to be so ahead of the curve with his luscious locks, but we’ve never been afraid of being a little bold and daring with our hairstyles.

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After celebrating the Big 40 “Manniversary” in 2017, Manic Panic’s founders Tish and Snooky Bellomo are no strangers to wild hair colors or predicting what the next big fashion trends are going to be. “We always encourage people to not feel the need to follow trends and to be themselves,” Tish says. “You don’t have to be dedicated to the fashion industry.”

Check out which hair trends these experts say you’ll be spotting on the streets and the runways in 2018.

The Waterfall

While the brown to blonde ombre look has since faded into a thing of the past, cascading waterfalls of colored hair have graciously replaced that trend. “I think there will still definitely be a lot of multi-colored hair, not rainbow per say, but the colored waterfall look,” Snooky predicts. From vibrant blues to deep grays, this is one look we can’t wait to dive into.

The Hair Halo

Who hasn’t always dreamed of a low-maintenance, angelic look? “We would touch the ends of the hair with bleach and bleach out the tips before putting Manic Panic in,” Tish shares. “It didn’t even have to be just one color, but then it would come out as a halo around the whole head.” Call us heaven-sent with this look.

Dye Hard Temporary

Whether you’re styling in highlights, temporary tips to recreate a washable halo look or adding a little pop of color on your roots, Manic Panic’s DYE HARD temporary gels come in a variety of wild colors for every mood and occasion. “You can put them in and wash them out,” Tish says. “You can tip your hair and then wash it out, and there’s even metallic colors.” For those of you who have commitment issues, the DYE HARD temporary gels are the perfect solution for some fun on the fly.

Not Just The Cool Tones

We might be extremely partial to cool toned colors, but we can totally jump on board with fiery reds and oranges making a comeback this year. “For a long time, we didn’t see any reds or oranges, but I think they’re starting to surface with all the floral patterns and Andy Warhol type patterns,” Tish says. Much like Pop Art, warm toned hair will always find its way back into the world.

You Look So Cool: Color of the Year Ultra Violet

Get ready for some serious Awsten Knight and Fall Out Boy M A N I A vibes for the rest of the year. (This is no coincidence.) Dubbed as the color of 2018 by Pantone, we can’t wait for Ultra Violet to take over our world. “[Ultra Violet has] been a personal favorite for years,” Snooky says “It’s such a great color and it’s really flattering on a lot of people, maybe most people, and it’s healing, too. It’s the ultimate healing color.”

Which wild hair trend is the first on your list for 2018?