Mark Hoppus seems to know what his favorite blink-182 song is, which is nearly an impossible question for the rest of us. The star bassist was challenged to complete a blink-182 songs bracket and he actually did it. 

We're all filling out brackets pitting emo bands against one another or ranking My Chemical Romance's discography during the quarantine. But, it seems no one is as sure-hearted and quick with their answers as Hoppus was. 

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Mark Hoppus has been incredibly busy playing Animal CrossingWhile that may not sound so entertaining for us, he's also livestreaming while playing blink-182 and +44 songs and answering some very important blink-182 related questions. He's already discussed what song they'll never play live, the Miley Cyrus collaboration and has even cleared up a few misheard lyrics over Twitter

Now, Hoppus was challenged by Smartpunk do pit his own band's songs against one another and a duel with destiny. The bracket features songs from blink-182's entire discography which is a tough mix for anyone.

Just how do you decide between "Reckless Abandon" and "Online Songs" for best Take Off Your Pants And Jacket track or between "Happy Holidays, You Bastard" and "Family Reunion" for top funny track? It's nearly impossible. 

While Mark Hoppus didn't exactly answer those questions, he did come out with a favorite blink-182 in two minutes. 

Two minutes. I went with my gut and didn’t second guess anything.
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Hoppus ended up with "Feeling This" on top. Other notable points include him lovingly referring to "I Miss You" as "Yed" and "All The Small Things" as "Roses." Check it out below. 

When asked what about "Feeling This" made it win, Hoppus had a simple answer.

It’s the apex of blink-182. The best of all of us. It was different and new and (in my opinion) groundbreaking.

Tom's [DeLonge"Stay Together For The Kids""Adam's Song"

So what are your favorite blink-182 songs? Fill out the bracket and let us know what comes out on top!

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