As Avengers: Endgame draws near we can't help but wonder what will become of our Marvel heroes. Who will make a return? Who will be leaving the Marvel Universe forever? One MCU star has put a small bit of our suspicions to rest, confirming they are officially done after Endgame.

Brb, grabbing the tissues.

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Gwyneth Paltrow has been part of the Marvel Universe for quite some time now. Acting as the infamous Pepper Potts, Paltrow first joined the MCU in 2008's Iron Man. 

Afterwards, Potts found herself making an appearance in six more Marvel films.

We've grown quite attached to Pepper Potts over the years, but like all good things, they must come to an end.

Paltrow sat down with Variety to reveal the heartbreaking news that she would be exiting the Marvel Universe following Avengers: Endgame.

“I mean, I’m a bit old to be in a suit and all that at this point,” Paltrow says. “I feel very lucky that I did it, because I actually got talked into it. I was friend with [Iron Man director] Jon Favreau. It was such a wonderful experience making the first Iron Man and then to watch how important it has become to fans.”

While Paltrow admits she can't see herself signing on for any more sequels, she is leaving the possibility open for future cameos and flashbacks.

“I feel honored to be a part of something that people are so passionate about. Of course, if they said, ‘Can you come back for a day?,’ I will always be there if they need me.”

Well, our hearts are broken.

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This isn't the first round of depressing news we've received from a Marvel star.

Earlier this month Anthony Mackie confirmed that our beloved Falcon was indeed dead.

The Marvel star appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon where Fallon himself asked if Falcon was really gone.

“Well, obviously, if you didn’t see part three [Avengers: Infinity War], spoiler alert, I died,” Mackie says. “A lot of people died. So I’m gainfully unemployed. And that’s why I’m doing other movies now.”

There are still fans that are questioning if our fallen Avengers REALLY died, or if they were simply sent to another universe or dimension.

Mackie’s response suggests that he won’t appear in Endgame, but we have to admit, we’re skeptical.

While Marvel is doing a heck of a job keeping the upcoming film’s secrets in a vault, there have been a few leaks in regards to our favorite heroes.

A few leaked photos of some Endgame toys suggest that one character in particular may not have actually died like we all originally thought.

One thing is for sure, we’ll be sitting on the edge of our seats as we wait for our questions to be answered.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26. You can watch the film’s official trailer, below.

Are you sad to see Pepper Potts' story come to an end? Sound off in the comments below!

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