Megadeath frontman Dave Mustaine had no shortage of riffs to choose from for the upcoming album, boasting that he had an impressive 500 riffs written tucked away in his library.

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In a recent interviw with uDiscover Music, Mustaine revealed how he takes his abundance of riffs and turns them into Megadeath hits.

"You can go through there and handpick the best of the best. And it’s not like I have to struggle to come up with something really good. It’s there — I just have to pick it. And I’m so excited about doing that and getting something out into the listeners’ hands."

You can listen to the full interview, below.

Obviously there's no way Mustaine can fit a whopping 500 riffs on the follow-up album to Dystopia, but we wouldn't mind getting a sneak peek of the riff library in the near future.

Megadeath are currently working on their upcoming album which will be the first to feature Belgian musician Dirk Verbeuren, formerly of the death metal band Soilwork, on drums.

Want a little tease of what Verbeuren will bring to the table? Check out his Megadeath drum playthrough below.

How many riffs do you think will make the cut on the new Megadeath album? Sound off in the comments below!

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