The bassist of Ohio black metal band Satanicon is suspected of killing himself and his girlfriend. According to the Sandusky Register, Raphael Greaves, 36, and Angela Tierny, 31, were both found dead in their home on Sunday morning, and police suspect Greaves is responsible for this murder-suicide. You can view a snippet of the report from the Sandusky Register along with recent photos from Greaves' personal Facebook below.

Tierney's body was found in front of a residence at 2128 Fallen Timber Drive, according to a report. His body was found at the address where the call came from, 2134 Fallen Timber Drive.

"She was deceased in the house next door. He was deceased in the doorway of their home with the gun next to him," said assistant police chief Phil Frost.

A recording of the 911 call, apparently from Tierney, records a chilling scene before the line goes dead.

A female voice can be heard, apparently talking to Greaves, "I'm sick of this [expletive]. This is ridiculous. I was sitting there not doing anything. I didn't do anything!"

She then comes on the line to speak to the dispatcher, saying, "Hello, my boyfriend just [expletive] threw me up against the wall by my (inaudible). He's coming at me right now." The dispatcher asks where she is, and she gives the address, adding "I didn't do anything. Drunk and goes ballistic, as always. Every [expletive] weekend I have to deal with this." Screaming is then heard and the phone goes dead as the dispatcher radios information to police heading for the scene.

Greaves, a self-proclaimed Satanist posted pictures brandishing weapons potentially involved in this alleged murder-suicide on Facebook on two separate occasions before his death.



Check out a couple of my toys. Both are old 44 calibers

Posted by Raphael Greaves on Sunday, February 14, 2016


I carry a knife on me at all times just in case anyone tries anything with me. HAIL SATAN!!!!

Posted by Raphael Greaves on Thursday, April 16, 2015

In his defense, Greaves' cousin Dave Binette told the Sandusky Register that he believes this was a crime of passion and fueled by alcohol, independent of his religious affiliation. 

"This sounds surreal to say about a Satanist, but he was Christlike," said Binette, who is Catholic. "The guy would give you the shirt off his back if he believed you really needed it. He showed up for Christmas, all the religious holidays."

Binette said Greaves had anger and depression issues, which came out when Greaves was drinking.

"He had some anger issues when he drank, but I never thought anything so strenuous would happen when he's drinking," he said.

Greaves’ bandmate in Satanicon, Joe Aufricht, said he agrees with Binette.

“I think it was the alcohol that drove him to do it, and not Satanism,” Aufricht said.

“I’m still trying to process it,” Aufricht said. “I knew Ray was a little funny when he drank. I never imagined he would do anything like that.” 

[Photo via Facebook]