American Teeth, the pop-rock, synth-tinged solo project of Elijah Noll, debuted his raw music video for the single "Fix You" via Fearless Records. The track was originally released in April 2021 as a double single with "E-Girl."

Inspired by his previous romance, the video depicts the highs and lows of modern millennial love as it unfolds in the city. The camera follows Noll and a significant other through the streets of New York City, on the beach near a beautiful lighthouse, through their apartment and even into the bedroom. It's sensual, heartbreaking and everything in between.

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"Visually, I wanted to go for your classic early 2000s pop-punk love story video and draw from visual elements of coming-of-age films like Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind," Noll explains.

"They shot that film in New York City, and I grew up in the Northeast in the emo scene, so I felt like that all connected nicely. [Director] Joe Striff is from Long Island and was back east working on another project, so it was easy to get his crew together and make it happen," the artist shares.

"Fix You" allows listeners of the project to witness American Teeth's full scope of musical skill. He combines haunting vocal echoes with urgent choruses, plus guitar riffs sure to make your heart race and force distant listeners to tune in immediately. Fans new and old will truly delight in this track for its relatability and proof of immense sonic maturity for the artist.

Check out the brand-new music video for "Fix You" below as well as an exclusive interview with American Teeth about the inspirations behind the track and music video and possible future projects.

What musical influences and/or personal experiences helped shape the lyrics and storytelling behind the track?

I drew inspiration from specific moments and details about a relationship I was in that was both incredibly beautiful and also extremely difficult at the same time. To me, this song outlines a relationship in which both people wish they could change something about the other in hopes that the relationship can work out. Sometimes, you try so hard for something that just isn't working, and that is heartbreaking.

What was your favorite part about recording this music video?

Driving around New York City, Montauk and Fire Island in a vintage BMW was a lot of fun for me. I grew up in New England, so it was also just nice to be back east on a cold beach, back in my hometown environment.

You have also been busy releasing several singles and collaborations this year with TWIN XL, DREAMERS, Wes Period and more. What have you enjoyed most about collaborating this past year?

It's been great to collaborate lately with people who I fuck with. It's important to me that I'm inspired by the artists, bands and writers that I work with because otherwise, what is the point?

Most recently, you worked with Onlychild for "Sloppy," where we get to hear you explore new, even grittier hardcore elements. How did this collab come together, and what was the most surprising part of the writing process?

This came out of an idea I had to marry elements of hyperpop with a screamy chorus. I've wanted to scream on a track for a while, and I knew Jordan [Witzigreuter, Onlychild, the Ready Set] would be great at bringing that style to life and doing it in a unique way. We worked with our friend Colin Dieden [Little Hurt], who I've written a bunch of songs with, including "E-Girl" and "2late." Jordan and I are talking about putting together a collection of songs based around this collab, so you might be seeing that in the future.

More on American Teeth

Noll launched the alter ego in 2019, sharing singles such as "2late," "Chemicals" that year and then "Gemini" in 2020.

It's no wonder why American Teeth is one of the 100 Artists You Need To Know this year, as he's been hard at work pumping out high-energy tracks and making collabs such as "Barred Out" featuring TWIN XL, "Still Not Dead" featuring DREAMERS and Wes Period, "Sloppy" featuring Onlychild and co-writing with Dieden of Little Hurt, with promises of more on the way.

Prior to releasing his "Fix You" music video, American Teeth launched his "One Of Those Days" music video, which encompasses the feeling of losing a day and drifting through the hours seemingly with little control. Many listeners can instantly relate to this soulful, pop-infused track with ironically bright, catchy hooks juxtaposed against its darker narrative.

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This is truly just the beginning for the artist, so make sure to follow Noll on his journey via Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.