These are the albums Metallica's Lars Ulrich was obsessed with this year

2020 has been a hard year for everyone but one thing that has kept a lot of people going is music, and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is spilling the records he’s had on repeat all year long.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ulrich shares some of the albums he’s been revisiting throughout the pandemic.

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Rolling Stone has been conducting a series of interviews with musicians about the things they’ve been busy with in 2020.

Ulrich shares the record he’s been listening to the most comes from Rage Against The Machine fittingly, as their music saw massive spikes in popularity after their reunion announcement and the cultural climate of the year.

“From my worldview, there’s nothing that seems to put things more in perspective than Rage Against the Machine. The music, themes, lyrics, delivery — everything seems to be so spot-on and relevant to the daily craziness that shows up whenever you unlock your device. I think it’s the perfect soundtrack to 2020,” says Ulrich.

Further, he shares another ’90s classic that he and his bandmates helped celebrate recently with a livestream cover.

Alice in ChainsDirt. It’s so inspiring. I think it’s crazy just how transparent and courageous the lyrics are, and it’s a cohesive piece of work. It still sounds as raw, transparent, honest, and courageous to my ears as ever before. I think in the earlier days I was just listening to the music and the riffs and now, hearing the vocals, lyrics, and themes, what an incredible record. It just still sounds so timely. It sounds literally like this could have been made last week.”

The drummer also shares the hobbies he’s been picking up, books he’s been reading, celebrity he would most like to quarantine with and more. He also shares some heartwarming words for the true heroes of the pandemic and his hopes for 2021.

“The healthcare workers and the first responders who have put their lives on the line to help and roll up their sleeves and get in and help people affected by this terrible disease and pandemic obviously are the true heroes. And the selflessness of that. I don’t think we can beat the drum, no pun intended, loud enough for that whole group of people, which is obviously millions, millions, millions strong worldwide, and it doesn’t seem like they get still enough overall collective appreciation for putting their lives on the line and for the shifts and marathons they’ve put themselves into.”

You can read the full interview here.

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